Industrial and Commercial valves for sale, ball, gate, plug, butterfly, glove, pinch, solenoid, disc check, clapper, check, choke, diaphragm, needle, piston, poppet, thermal expansion, pressure reducing, sampling, safety ( Aspin valve: a cone-shaped metal part fitted to the cylinder head of an engine
Ball cock: often used as a water level controller (cistern)
Bibcock: provides a connection to a flexible hosepipe
Blast valve: prevents rapid overpressuring in a fallout shelter or a bunker
Boston valve: three-part two-port check valve used on inflatable boats, air mattresses, airbeds etc.; available in two sizes, normal and small
Cock: colloquial term for a small valve or a stopcock
Demand valve: on a diving regulator
Double beat valve
Double check valve
Duckbill valve
Flipper valve
Flow control valve: an application which maintains a variable flow rate through the valve
Heimlich valve: a specific one-way valve used on the end of chest drain tubes to treat a pneumothorax
Foot valve: a check valve on the foot of a suction line to prevent backflow
Four-way valve: was used to control the flow of steam to the cylinder of early double-acting steam engines
Freeze seal/Freeze plug: in which freezing and melting the fluid creates and removes a plug of frozen material acting as the valve
Gas pressure regulator regulates the flow and pressure of a gas
Heart valve: regulates blood flow through the heart in many organisms
Hydrodynamic vortex valve: a passive flow control valve that uses hydrodynamic forces to regulate flow
Larner–Johnson Valve: needle control valve often in large sizes used in water supply systems
Leaf valve: one-way valve consisting of a diagonal obstruction with an opening covered by a hinged flap
Pilot valve: regulates flow or pressure to other valves
Pinch valve, “beach ball valve”: simple, single-part two-port check valve made from soft plastic and molded on to inflatable units such as beach balls, air mattresses, water wings; can be inflated by pump or by mouth.
Plunger valve: To regulate flow while lowering the pressure
Poppet valve and sleeve valve: commonly used in piston engines to regulate the fuel mixture intake and exhaust
Pressure regulator or pressure reducing valve (PRV): reduces pressure to a preset level downstream of the valve
Pressure sustaining valve, or back-pressure regulator: maintains pressure at a preset level upstream of the valve
Presta and Schrader valves are used to hold the air in bicycle tires
Reed valve: consists of two or more flexible materials pressed together along much of their length, but with the influx area open to allow one-way flow, much like a heart valve
Regulator: used in SCUBA diving equipment and in gas cooking equipment to reduce the high pressure gas supply to a lower working pressure
Rocker valve
Rotolock valve
Rotary valves and piston valves: parts of brass instruments used to change their pitch
Rupture disc: a one time use replaceable valve for rapid pressure relief, used to protect piping systems from excessive pressure or vacuum; more reliable than a safety valve
Saddle valve: where allowed, is used to tap a pipe for a low-flow need
Safety valve or relief valve: operates automatically at a set differential pressure to correct a potentially dangerous situation, typically over-pressure
Schrader valve: used to hold the air inside automobile tires
Solenoid valve: an electrically controlled hydraulic or pneumatic valve
Stopcock: restricts or isolates flow through a pipe
Swirl valve: A specially designed Joule-Thompson pressure reduction/expansion valve imparting a centrifugal force upon the discharge stream for improving gas–liquid phase separation
Tap (British English), faucet (American English): the common name for a valve used in homes to regulate water flow
Tesla valve: A form of check valve with no moving parts, invented by Nikola Tesla for use with fluids.
Thermal expansion valve, used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Thermostatic mixing valve
Thermostatic radiator valve
Trap primer: sometimes include other types of valves, or are valves themselves
Vacuum breaker valve: prevents the back-siphonage of contaminated water into pressurized drinkable water supplies

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