Where To Buy Used Machines for Your Business

It can be hard to find reliable machinery on sale for your business or project. Finding the best equipment at great prices is almost never possible. The market sometimes may not offer the best quality out there. However, when you shop for used machinery with CCR Industrial, you combine excellent quality, excellent service, and huge savings.

Our goal in CCR Industrial is to conduct honest, customer-oriented business. We deal in new, surplus, NOS (new old stock), liquidations, discontinued and used items, but we are not an authorized dealer for most of the items offered.

We have the best used machinery and we encourage our buyers to determine the condition of each item for a particular use before purchasing. If you’re looking for it, we probably have it.


Invest in your equipment 

Purchasing machinery should be considered similar to an investment: you should get the best quality within your purchasing power so that your equipment lasts a long time. That’s why we want what’s best for you. Contractors or engineers often take the risk of buying an expensive, brand new industrial equipment because it will be “better” than buying it used. 

However, who says that buying it used won’t give you the same benefits? Often used machinery still works perfectly and can provide many years of reliable use, versus a brand new piece of machinery that has never been tested.

Benefits of buying used machines

There are many benefits that come when you buy used machines. Benefits include:

  1. Lower Cost of the Machines = More savings 
    Buying new machines is an investment that can have a significant impact on your company’s cash flow. However, you can purchase quality used machines and at a much lower cost. It’s possible to save thousands over the cost of buying new machinery by choosing this option.
    1. Avoid Initial Depreciation on Equipment 

    Construction equipment starts to depreciate the moment it leaves a dealer’s lot. In the first 12 months, it’s common to depreciate by double digits. By choosing to buy a used piece of machine, you are avoiding taking the “hit” on the initial depreciation, while still enjoying the long life of a good machine.

    1. Hold Equipment Value Longer

    As long as the used equipment is properly maintained, it will hold its value.

    1. Find the Features You Need

    Technology in this market doesn’t move as quickly as other niches, such as computers, so you can find the features you need on newer used models. Often a new piece of machinery isn’t necessary to get the job done.

    When you buy at CCR Industrial, the benefits come not only from the machines themselves, but from our excellent customer service.