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Surplus Loading Dock Equipment

Find quality loading docks for your business in CCR Industrial.

Loading docks are crucial equipment for all projects. It is one of the most important factors so you can have all the instruments and equipment you need. Loading docks allow the product to be moved from one place to another easily. Using a loading dock in your warehouse and other industrial buildings. 

CCR Industrial is the solution for you. We offer the best quality and pricing in surplus loading docks you will be able to find. Our products are described to the best of our abilities. We encourage our clients to know more about the products we offer and how they can help you with your next project. 


Why Use Dock Trucks? 

To protect your shipments with the equipment or instruments you will be needing in your project, a dock truck will help move them from the truck to another location safely. Some shipments are too heavy or bulky, so the dock truck comes really handy in situations like these. 

It is crucial that you give the right care to the goods you will be using in your upcoming projects so you deliver the best quality possible. Loading docks provide a fast and safe way to transfer them while being efficient. 

Types of Loading Docks  

Flush Loading Dock: This is the most common type of loading dock. The back of the truck attaches easily to the warehouse and makes it easier to unload. 

Enclosed Dock: It allows trucks to completely park inside the warehouse and protects the items from the elements with a roof over it.

Open Loading Dock: This type of loading dock does not have the enclosure that surrounds the back of the truck, making it less safe than others.   

Sawtooth Dock: This type of dock is created when there’s limited space for outdoor maneuvering. It allows trucks to approach docks at a certain angle. 

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