Sumitomo Heavy Industries HF4304-7A5 VFD Drives


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Sumitomo Heavy Industries HF4304-7A5 VFD Drives

These convert from 1 phase to 3 phase.
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Compared to Hitachi Model SJ700D-075HFUF3
Model: HF4304-7A5

kW/(HP): 7.5/(10)
Input: 50/60 Hz A
18 A
Output: 16 A

Sumitomo VFDs provide affordable solutions for a wide range of applications. The HF-430 Series incorporates a 3 in 1 technology. V/F control provides a 10:1 constant torque speed range making the HF-430 ideal for a variety of applications. Changing the parameter values allows users to switch to the (SLV) Sensorless Vector Control offering a 120:1 constant torque speed range and speed regulation of /-0.5%. Users may gain closed-loop vector control by installing a suitable encoder feedback card and changing parameter values accordingly in order to significantly improve performance and to obtain full torque at zero speed if desired.

Features of the HF-430 Series include three operating modes making it suitable for a variety of applications, V/F, SLV and CLV, compact size, a standard digital operator panel, conforms to global standards, high starting torque, NEMA 1 enclosure, UL listed, 1000:1 constant torque speed range in CLV mode and 120:1 constant torque speed range in SLV mode, 8 programmable digital inputs, 3 analog inputs, 16 preset frequencies, and built-in PID control.
Variable frequency drive, VFD, drive, electrical, industrial, Hitachi

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