Parker Instruments Veriflo Valve Regulator 0-4000PSI Model No. IR4003s2K4P01404B


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Parker Instruments Veriflo Valve Regulator 0-4000PSI

Model No. IR4003s2K4P01404B
Part No. 54010808

Product Information from Manufacturing Website:
Veriflo Division’s IR4000 Series pressure reducing regulator can be used in a wide range of application conditions. The IR4000 regulator offers high pressure capability with an inlet pressure up to 4,000 psig, and functions equally well with low supply pressure for point-of-use applications. The IR4000’s design characteristics such as a large convoluted Hastelloy C-22® diaphragm and a unique compression member give you precise control and consistent performance over the operational range of the regulator. Superior internal component alignment and contamination control make the IR4000 the perfect solution for your general purpose pressure regulator needs.
Fluid Gas Handling
Process Control

Unique compression member loads the seal to the body without requiring a threaded nozzle or additional seals
Internally threadless design reduces particle generation and promotes long seat life
Low internal volume reduces purge times.
Cleaned for O2 service is standard
Positive upward and downward stops increase cycle life and prevents diaphragm damage and failure
Multiple seat materials for media compatibility and temperature applications
Standard Hastelloy C-22 diaphragm provides high corrosion resistance

Analyzer sample systems
Point-of-use for corrosive or specialty gases
Research labs
Instrument calibration
Breathing systems


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