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Lube Cube Above Ground Flammable Liquid Storage

Model: 708196
531 Gallons
Manufacturer’s Description:
LubeCube tanks are the optimal solution for storage of new and used lubrication oils. The LubeCube provides lower install costs than underground tanks, better space utilization than cylindrical aboveground tanks and lower operation costs than 55-gallon drums.
They are designed for easy and convenient installation either indoors, in service bays or basements, or outdoors next to the building. The rectangular shape of the LubeCube allows for the storage of over 20% more volume in a given space than comparable cylindrical tank capacities.

Double-Wall Containment for Added Security
LubeCube® tanks are available as either single or double-wall tanks. Double-wall tanks meet the UL 142 standard as integral secondary containment and therefore do not require dikes for leak containment.
Desert sand primer finish is standard, but we also offer special colors, coatings and even interior linings. Each LubeCube is custom built to fit your project and equipment packages are available upon request.


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