Fiber Glass Systems 1 1/2″ Green Thread HP16 Sleeve Coupling Fittings Qty. 49


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Fiber Glass Systems 1 1/2″ Green Thread HP16 Sleeve Coupling Fittings Qty. 49

Inside Diameter: 1 7/8″
Length: 6″
Manufacture’s Description:

Materials and Construction

Pipe is manufactured by filament winding process using amine-cured epoxy thermosetting resin to impregnate strands of continuous glass filaments. The pipe wall includes an internal resin-rich corrosion barrier.

GreenThread HP16 products are available in sizes 1”-42” (25-1,050 mm) diameters with a static pressure rating of 232 psig (16 bar). The pipe is designed for continuous operation at 200°F (93°C) serviceable up to 230°F (110°C) by applying a derating factor of 0.76 to all component ratings. Sizes 1”-6” (25-150 mm) are available in 20’ (6 m) lengths and sizes 8”-42” (150-1,050 mm) are available in 19’ or 39’ (6 or 12 m) lengths.

ASTM D-2996 Classification: RTRP-11FX1-3110 for static design basis.

Fittings are manufactured the same chemical and temperature capabilities asthe pipe. Depending on the configurations and size, the fitting construction method will be compression molded, contact molded, fabricated or filament wound. Fitting details are in two documents. Use CI1350 for sizes 1”-16” (25-400 mm)and CI1351 for 18”-42” (450-1050 mm). All fittings may not have the same pressure rating as the pipe. A piping system design pressure rating is governed by the lowest rated component used in the system.


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