Emiliana Serbator Carry Tank 220 58 Gallon Capacity


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Emiliana Serbator Carry Tank 220 58 Gallon Capacity

58 Gallon Capacity
Automatic Fuel Nozzle
DC Fuel Transfer Pump (12V), flow rate 10 GPM13 Ft of antistatic rubber hosePower 260 W
Current 22 Amps
2-way fork truck access
Handles for caring empty tank
ES0342090 Electric Pump
Devil 4/380-12V2600 RPM30 min Duty Cycle
For use with diesel fuel
Overall 32″Lx24″Wx22″H

Manufacture Product description
Compact and light, manufactured in roto-molded linear polyethylene, Carrytank 220 is equipped with the following fittings: filling plug, air vent device, fuel transfer unit, integrated forklift pockets (full tank), handles for lifting and carrying (empty tank) and integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing strap during transport. All the fittings are made of aluminum or materials compatible with Diesel fuel.Tank made in a specific polyethylene able to give safety warranty and resistance to the aggression of all type of petrols. It is provided with a volumetric vane pump, 12V battery operated or a manual piston pump. both ATEX certified, automatic nozzle and hose for gasoline, battery connection cable and grounding wire with clamp. Digital fuel meter, ATEX certified is available on request.


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