Industrial Catwalk Bridge

Industrial Catwalk Bridge 

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An industrial catwalk or bridge is a structure, often elevated, used in workplaces or in temporary construction projects to provide easy access between sites, access to equipment, and/or access across areas that are undergoing construction.

These catwalks ensure the safety of workers walking across the site by creating a separate, open space for them to walk. The catwalks can also be used to reduce the number of workers walking over an area; to set up a conveyor system for materials; to provide access to hard-to-reach industrial equipment or attic spaces that require maintenance; and to provide access to high shelves, especially in a warehouse.


A Breakdown of Industrial Catwalks

Material: Industrial catwalks can be made from metal, galvanized steel, steel, or aluminum, depending on the manufacturer and the buyer’s needs.

Add-Ons: Most industrial catwalks are manufactured to allow attachments including gates, ladders, stairs, railings, and platforms. Since catwalks are constructed as modules and sections, they are easy to adapt to a variety of workplaces and can be mixed and matched easily for the specifics needs and layout of a workplace.

Placement: Catwalks can be hung from the ceiling if needed, or simply raised from the ground at whatever height; the latter is called an elevated walkway or bridge.

Safety Standards

Although catwalks are necessary in many workplaces and construction sites, they must comply with certain safety standards in order to be used.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) drafts and enforces worker safety standards for a majority of employers in the United States. Since falling on the job is the leading cause of fatalities in construction jobs, and one of the most common causes of death in jobs across the US in general, OSHA has created requirements for catwalks to prevent dangerous falls or objects falling from unsafe heights onto workers.

It’s important that all catwalks satisfy OSHA building requirements, depending on what is required in the construction location. Specific rules for catwalks can be found at

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