3 Types of Heavy Equipment You Can Buy Used

Heavy equipment are incredibly important tools on many types of construction projects, but are often very costly to purchase new. What if you didn’t have to spend all that money on expensive equipment? CCR Industrial offers a solution: buying used heavy equipment can solve your needs for your construction project at a fraction of the cost. Here are three types of heavy equipment that you can buy used and save a big chunk of cash. 

  1. Compactors
    Compactors, sometimes called rollers, are used to compact materials at the construction site or earth that has been dug up. There are different types needed for different purposes, and buying all the necessary compators new will quickly add up. Buying one used and in good condition will allow you to complete your project under budget, or purchase other materials you need.
  2. Loaders
    Loaders, as their name suggests, are used to load materials onto other equipment such as trucks and others, such as excavated soil, demolition waste, raw materials, and others. Loaders are important tools to transport materials quickly from one are to another, and can be costly if purchased new. Buying this expensive heavy equipment secondhand is a much more cost-effective choice.
  3. Excavators
    Excavators are important and widely used equipment in many construction projects. Though they are primarily used for their main purpose of excavation,  they are also used for heavy lifting and breaking down things such as trees and branches.


Why CCR Industrial?

Our goal is to conduct honest, customer-oriented business. We deal in new, surplus, NOS (new old stock), liquidations, discontinued and used items, but we are not an authorized dealer for most of the items offered.

We describe the items to the best of our ability, but it is the responsibility of our buyer to determine the applicability and safety of each item for their particular use. Our stock is constantly being refreshed with all kinds of heavy equipment for businesses and projects. Contact us today to find the best heavy equipment for your business.